Hi Darlin’

(January 17, 2009)

Hi Darlin’

We found out this week that the family we started in July of your dad and I was going to be expanded to include you in about 8 months – or 9… I still haven’t figured out this 9 months or 10 months thing. I guess someone will explain that to me when the time is right… anyway, I digress.

So, here’s the story of how we found out I was pregnant with you. A little bit of background. Your daddy and I have known each other for a long, long time. It took him five and half years to decide to marry me (maybe I was a difficult girlfriend or maybe he just knew when the time was right!), so when we got hitched on July 4th of last year we knew that we wanted to start trying for a family right away. Fast forward six months and I was starting to get worried that maybe we jumped too soon into building a big 4-bedroom house. I went to the doctor and she sent me for blood work and tests to make sure I was healthy.

I went for the blood work on Monday even though a pregnancy hadn’t been ruled out. I remember thinking that I should wait, but then I laughed at myself and called myself crazy and a few other things that I shouldn’t tell you! I was convinced I was going to get my period any day and we’d be onto cycle #7 or #8… I kind of lost count. So, I had the blood work on Monday and then Tuesday morning when I woke up and still hadn’t gotten my period, I started thinking… what if? So, I took a home pregnancy test and there were two lines!

I remember watching the test, seeing the first control line come up and then slowing the second line started to appear. I started to shake and ran into the bedroom to wake up Craig. No gentle wake up today… I flipped on the light and jumped on the bed saying “you have to wake up!”… Buddy, the dog was running around in circles, probably pretty confused. He opened his eyes and I whispered, “I think I’m pregnant”… he said, “you are?” I handed him the test and asked if he saw two lines. He said he say one and a half. (Daddy doesn’t spend time on crazy pregnancy boards so he doesn’t know that a line’s a line and was a little bit nervous that it wasn’t real, I think.) So after the news sank in a little bit and we both started thinking… O my God, is this really happening, we had to get to work.

We went about our respective days. I went for more blood work, this time to test for pregnancy and waited… and waited… When I got home I took another pregnancy test. This one a digital that would say either “pregnant” or “not pregnant”. As I held my breath the best word in the world popped up and said “pregnant”. When I showed that test to your dad he became a believer. I was still a little nervous but the next day the doctor called and told me you were definitely growing in my belly!

So this week has been quite a whirlwind for us, bud. A week ago we were just a married couple, living in your grandparents house (more stories on that later!) but now we’re being hurled toward parenthood! And we’re so, so excited. This is the best and the scariest thing that’s ever happened to us and we can’t wait to continue on this journey with you.


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