Cramps & Hiding Pregnancy

I need to say that the cramps I’ve been having over the last 2 weeks are entirely too similar to ‘pre-period cramps’. I would probably feel much more like the knocked-up lady that the home pregnancy tests told me that I was if I had less cramps and more yucky stomach stuff going on. Guess I should watch what I wish for, huh? I’m hoping the cramps mean that this little munchkin in digging into my uterous and getting comfy for a full nine-month stay.

We had our restaurant Christmas party yesterday. I drank sprite and 3 people asked me if I was pregnant. I’m thinking this means one of two things. I’m either a lush and people are just shocked to see me drinking something that won’t give me a buzz or I’ve talked about wanting a baby entirely too much. Anyway, like the great PR/marketing person I am, I answered their question without entirely lying but not exactly telling the truth. I told them I had to put a presentation together that night and I shouldn’t be drunk to do it. Luckily Craig wasn’t drinking either so that helped some of the suspicion, but it turns out that alcohol helps us tolerate some of that company a little better, so our stay at the party was short. I mean like 35-40 minutes. We are party poopers!


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