Rough Week

Hi Munchkin’

First the good news… I think you have a nickname. Daddy and I have both been referring to you as you munchkin, so until we meet you in September, Munchkin it is!

I guess you know this was a rough week for Mommy. And a lot of other people. You’re too little to understand, but your family lost a rock this week. Your Pappy P was (and always will be) a very special man, but he had a bad heart. For as long as I can remember actually, he had trouble with his heart and was scaring us with trips to the hospital and doctor visits upon doctor visits. But since he’s such a fighter, he always came home. But this week, things went the other direction and now he’s in heaven where I know he’s grinning ear to ear because he knows about you and Grandma doesn’t. Not very often that Pap got to know things first, so I have to believe that he’s tickled.

I’m not sure if I really remember this or if I’ve heard the story so many times that I think I remember it… but it seems I did not like to share Pap Pepple’s attention very much. He was all mine for FOUR years so when your aunt came along, it kind of pissed me off! Especially when he held her. So, to mark my territory, I’d crawl up on his lap and sit between him and my sister. At the funeral home this week, there were quite a few pictures of Pap with us grandkids and in quite a few of them, I was crawling on his lap, or standing right next to him. Boy, i was a brat!! But I think he liked it. I could tell you that I was his favorite, and I would say it with much conviction and defend it to the ground if questioned. But there is no doubt in my mind that all of his grandkids felt the exact same way. That’s why he will be so missed. He loved us all so much and was such a special, special man. I’m so sorry that you won’t get to know him.

Munchkin, you and I have something in common. I was not only the oldest child, but the first grandchild for both sides of my family. Just like you’ll be. And that means you’ll be spoiled. We’ll laugh about it, and we’ll admonish your grandparents when they pour on the gifts and the favors, but we’ll love it just the same. So, don’t take that for granted. I want you to suck up every moment of love and attention that you get from your grandparents and know that you will have a very special bond with all of them because they’ve been waiting a very long time for you.

We love you baby. Stick tight.


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