Week #7 Letter

Dear Munchkin,
I know, I know I am terribly late getting you this letter out this week. Thing is, babe, you’re kicking my ass a little. Actually a lot. But that’s OK, your worth it and I’m sure I will remind you of this once you’re older… so we’re good!

My pregnancy websites and books are telling me that you’re the size of blueberry this week and that the queasiness and gagging are from some major hormones you’re putting out and the cramping is because you and my uterus (which will be your home for the next 33 weeks) are growing. So all the sickness is actually a good thing because it means you’re healthy. Your daddy keeps reminding me that me being sick means a healthy baby. And he has been so good about taking care of us, Munchkin… he lets me sleep when I pass out on the couch, he picks me up at lunch, makes me soup, drops me off at the door at WalMart, and doesn’t let me drive in the snow. He’s doing everything he can to keep me comfortable and keep you healthy and growing. So the other development this week is that people are ITCHING to talk about you. At this point we’ve told very few people and sworn them all to secrecy because you’re so little and we want to make sure you’re OK before we announce you to the world. And, let’s be honest, it’s fun having a secret! But you should know that your grandparents are having a really tough time containing their excitement. Your Grandpa Vaughn keeps asking when we’re coming home” I think maybe we’ll come to town but not share our news just to bug him! And it’s a good thing that your daddy’s parents have been in Florida because if they were around all this time, I feel sure they would have busted by now. That being said they’ll be back early next week. Mommy is happy about that for two reasons… #1. They can take care of the dog who has taken to waking us up at 4:00 in the morning and #2. Someone might make your daddy a home cooked meal because I have certainly not been living up to my end of the bargain when it comes to feed him. Whoops!! Now on the other hand, I’m sure them being back in town will mean a lot more concern and worry and attention to me… hm… not necessarily a bad thing either, right Munchkin?!? Want to make bets on how many times a day Nauni(I think I’m spelling that right) will ask me if I need to eat??

Well that’s it for now, darlin’. It’s lunchtime which means I’m headed to buy some lozenge things that are supposed to make me feel better and some Wendy’s. Then I think I’ll do some maternity shopping on the internet. I hear Old Navy is having a 40% off sale… and you know, Mommy loves a bargain!!

Love you bunches!!


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