Week #8 Letter

Hi Munchkin!

This must have been a busy week, because I am having a tough time believing that it’s Friday. Since I last wrote to you have increased in size – now you’re approximately the size of a kidney bean. This week you were busy growing elbows and knees which will inevitably get cut and scraped in a few years when you trip and fall because your feet won’t go as fast as your body wants them to go. Hopefully you inherit some of your parents’ athleticism to keep you from too many klutzy stumbles… which actually just means more injuries throughout your teenage years…

Anyway, I digress… For Mommy, this was the week that she took her first pregnancy-related sick day. Even though I told everyone at work that your daddy infected me with his cold, I think it was really you that got to me. I just needed a day to sleep and lie around and catch my breath, so yesterday I did not come to work. Hopefully that’s the last of one of those days for a while!

Mommy also cut back her hours at the restaurant this week… well, after tomorrow that is. For the next few weeks, until we hit the second trimester and you give me some of my energy back, I’ll only be working Saturday nights. That’ll still give us some extra money to pay for your nursery furniture and all sorts of other non-necessity stuff we think you need to have, but without draining every ounce of energy I have. Cause, let’s be real, you are way more important than the plates of pasta that Mommy serves for a couple of extra bucks!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, Munchkin. If you are a girl you will learn about this holiday way too early in life and if you’re a boy, you’ll probably be confused about it for way too long. Daddy came through this year… He came home last night with a gift and a card for Mommy. I was really surprised! He did great too… He took one of our wedding pictures and had it made into a canvas and got it framed for our new house. That got some MAJOR brownie points for him, especially since he remembered the card. I’m such a sucker for cards. However, it’s just another sign that I was a much better girlfriend than I am wife. Any other year, I’d have had his v-day gift picked out and wrapped by now. This year not so much in the way of gifts, candies and cards. Instead, I’m giving him you. I guess that’ll have to be enough.

We love you, babe.


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