::Waves to New Readers::

Hi! Welcome to the blog all about my journey through pregnancy. I started writing it shortly after getting the second line on the pregnancy test as a way to capture the memories of being knocked up for the first time. I wished that I had done one for the wedding, so I didn’t want to be wishing the same thing in few years.

As a bonus, it’s also a great way for me to share some of the how am I feeling, what’s Craig up to, did you buy any baby stuff yet, funny stories, and things that you’re all just dying to know!! 😉

Couple of rules:
1. This is my blog… you can’t judge me for what you read here (or yell at me for using unlady like language). You should also refrain from making fun of any photos of me that show up on here!

2. Feel free to leave comments. It may motivate me to write more often if I think someone actually reads this. Oh, especially leave comments if they are answering questions that I have about what the hell is happening to my body.
Happy Reading!

Krista & Munchkin


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