Week 12 Letter

Hi Munchkin,
Mommy has been so very bad about writing you letters and updating this blog lately. I have an excuse however… it’s been really busy at work and I sort of need to keep my job so that you have a house to live in when you come in September.

Don’t think for a second that just because I haven’t been writing you that I’m not thinking about you all the time! In fact it got very hard to concentrate after we had our doctor’s appointment last week. We got a quick look at you after the doctor had some trouble getting your heartbeat. I’m sure I’m biased but I think you were the cutest 12 week old fetus I’ve ever seen. All right, so I didn’t know where your head was, but I have another 28 weeks before that becomes a big problem.

It was so surreal being able to see you, baby. I can’t feel you moving around yet so sometimes this whole pregnancy thing doesn’t really seem real. Or it seems like a really long time away that you’ll be born, but seeing you there in black and white on the screen with your little heart beating and your chest jumping up and down makes it all seem very, very real. I can’t wait until I get to hold you, and cuddle with you, and give you kisses. I think from now until September is going to be a very long six months!

We love you Munchkin!


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