Week 19.5 Letter

Hi Sweetheart!

So, some pretty amazing things have been happening over the last week or so. You! I can finally feel you moving around in my belly and while it’s not real consistent yet, and you never do it when I want you to, it’s definitely cool. So, let’s talk about this movement for a bit. First of all…. doesn’t really feel like the flutters everyone said it would. More like a fish or an eel or something living in my stomach… but less creepy! Secondly, the best part had to be on Monday, when all day long I tried to get you to kick, jump, move… something, and you didn’t. Not a single little bit. But then, at 5:15 when my boss called me in his office to discuss his reorganization plan and my future, you decided to start doing jumping jacks. Little one, do you know how hard it is to concentrate on the boss man when you’re in there shaking your groove thing??? Pretty funny though… your grandma thinks that’s your way of reminding me that it’s all about you from here on out. Don’t worry, though. I already know that.

Being able to feel you move around, to know when you’re sleeping and when you’re awake makes you seem so much more real. (And better than when you were making me puke up my toothpaste). I can start imagining you being here, I’ve had dreams where I see you and hold you, and I think about all the things I want to teach you and show you. I told your daddy this week that we have to take you all kinds of places. To the beach, and to Disney World and Sea World to see Shamu! But mostly I’m excited for the days that you can sit at the counter and do your homework while I make dinner and we can talk about your day at school. And the days when Daddy can push you on the swing, or teach you throw a football (regardless of your gender, dear, this is pretty much a given.)

Coming up this week, we get to see you! All of you except the parts that reveal if you’re a boy or girl, cause I think we’re gonna hold out on finding that out. But while the ultrasound tech is measuring to make sure you’re healthy, checking out your kidneys and counting your fingers and toes, we will be just enjoying our first looks at our beautiful baby. So, try to be awake for that. It’s a big day!

We love you, Munchkin.


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