Week 21 Letter

Hi baby!

Check out this picture… it’s you! And I may be a little biased but I think you are the most beautiful, least alien looking baby I’ve ever seen in a sonogram picture. Daddy and I got to see you last Wednesday and while we didn’t learn if you’re a boy or girl – so lots of yellow and green in your first few weeks, my dear – the doctors did tell us that you looked perfectly healthy. And really, kiddo, nothing else matters to us.

Although your movements are getting stronger and more consistent, they still catch me off guard. Usually you kick me, get me to stop whatever I’m doing and focus all my attention on you and feeling you kick again and then you don’t do it anymore. That’s probably similar to the game we’ll play when you drop things just to see if I pick them up. Gotta tell you though, you either really liked or really didn’t like Mommy’s jaunt to Michigan this week. First of all you kicked me about 129 times on the ride out (some people will say that I could just feel it because I was just sitting there in the car, pretty still for a long a period of time, but I think you were trying to tell me something.) then when I was getting ready for the uber-important meeting to start, you started kicking me repeatedly. I think that was the first time that a felt a couple of kicks or punches or elbow jabs right in a row like that. So, that’s a fun trick you’ve picked up.

The next trick should be kicking your daddy. He’s tried to get you to do it a couple of times, but you just won’t perform when his hand is on my belly. One of these days though…

We spent some time picking out your furniture and all the cool baby gear we want you to have. True to form, we picked out the mac daddy of strollers and car seats. You will be well protected and look super stylish as we take you from place to place to show you off to all of your new friends and family. And since Mommy really couldn’t come home without anything for you, we bought you the cutest little outfit. It’s white with little brown teddy bears on it. So adorable!

All right my love. Mommy has to sign off now.

I love you!


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