The Headline Could Have Read…

Pregnant Woman Drop Kicks Subway Worker Over Pickles…

Long story short I had to run home around 11:00 to let a service guy from Ashley Furniture into the house, so on the way back I decide to run into Subway and grab lunch… Here’s how the story goes from there:

Krista: “Can I have a 12″ tuna on white please…. yes, with provolone… no I don’t want it toasted.”
Subway Chick (SC): “What would you like on that?”
Krista: “Just pickles & lettuce, please.”
SC puts about 12 shredded pieces of lettuce on the sandwich
Krista: “I’m sorry, all I want is lettuce and pickles, can I have extra of both please?”
SC puts a generous handful of lettuce on the tuna and FOUR pickles on top of the lettuce.

FOUR pickles on a 12″ sub… I don’t think so…

Krista: Excuse me, I know you can’t see me through the glass, but I’m pregnant and I’d really like a bunch of damn pickles! (OK, truth be told, I left out the sailor language, I am a lady after all and I was in a public place)
SC: gives me two more pickles.
Krista: Takes her sub, shakes her head, pays the nice man at the counter and leaves before things got violent.

For the love of God, is there a shortage of pickles that I don’t know about???!??


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