Week 27 Letter

Hi honey!
Mommy’s not been very good at this blogging thing over the last two weeks, but that means that there’s a lot to catch you up on now.

First and foremost… you finally let your daddy feel you moving around! Way to go! We’ve been waiting for that. Up until early last week, any time he’d come near me, you would immediately cease all movement. But last Tuesday night he got to feel you. I think you had the hiccups and probably couldn’t stop them if you wanted to, but still, I think it made him pretty happy. Now, of course your new trick is to perform for him. Couple of nights ago before we went to sleep, you were completely still and daddy wanted to feel a kick, so you kicked him. Which was great… but then he went to sleep and you, my dear, continued to kick me for 20 minutes while I was trying to go to sleep. I think you are definitely going to be daddy’s baby.

So… in other developments over the last few weeks. We got our pool finished. You’re future BFF came up and tested it out for you. I think she approves even though we didn’t really have much to keep her entertained. Next year at this time, the pool will be littered with all kinds of toys, floatation devices, and safety gates so that when you’re out there you’ll be properly entertained.

We also spent a weekend away going to a football game. I don’t know if it was the noise, the game, or the sugar in my lemonade but you kicked like a all star soccer player during the 2nd half! We stopped on the way back to celebrate Father’s Day with your Grandpa Vaughn.

So many things we do now, we find ourselves thinking about ‘next year’. Will we take you to the Big 33 Game with us next year, or let you spend the weekend with your grandparents? Will you like the water and being outside in the summer or will the heat make you cranky? Should we have gone to the party last night because next year it might not be so easy to go? All these ways our lives are going to be different when you enter the world here in less than 3 months. It’ll be an adventure for sure, kiddo. One we can’t wait to start.

We love you!


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