A Wild Year

I have this to-do list running around in my head… things we need to buy, things I want to pay off, practical things we need to do and fun things I want to do all before the baby comes. But today, all it’s hard not to think about a very different list that was running around in my head a year ago. If memory serves, around this time of day, I was on the elliptical with my “wedding day timeline” trying to figure out if I had forgotten anything, wondering if everyone knew when they were supposed to be where, and hoping like hell that the rain would hold off until we were at the reception. (It did)

Sometimes it seems like our wedding day was years ago and other times it seems like it was five minutes ago. In the last year we: got married, started construction of the house, my job changed significantly, moved out of our apartment and into Craig’s parents house, found out we were having a baby, moved into our house, and started the pool and landscaping project. Quite a change in pace from our six-years-of-dating days, huh?

When I met Craig I was so not interested in dating anyone, but somehow he snagged me and I became all sorts of smitten. I try now to remember the moment I fell for him and I don’t know when it was. It could have been when we took my little brother to a Curve game, or the first time I saw him coaching and he was completely in his element, the time I saw him walk off the field with the graduating seniors after the last game of the season and the heartache for the kids that showed in his eyes still the next day, the first time I saw him hold Benjamin or play with Bryant. Or maybe it was the way he refused to let me be negative when I was frustrated about something, or how he’d find a way to be involved in something that was important to me, the way he’d tickle me until I’d almost bust, how even years later when I answer the phone he’d often greet me with “hi, beautiful,” or maybe it’s the consistent way he’d kiss me every time I walk into a room or before I’d leave.

I guess if the last seven years have taught me anything it’s that some things are worth waiting for, and that sometimes things do just have to work out in their own time. The waiting game for Craig and I continues as we wait for the arrival of this baby in a few months… but this time I have no doubt that it’s worth waiting for.


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