Week 31 Letter

Hi sweetheart!

Let me tell you what’s happening as I type this letter to you. Your daddy just got done painting your bedroom. He and your Pappy Chuck are upstairs trying to figure out how to put your crib together. I am sitting at the computer trying hard to decide which of two bedding sets I want to get for you. (I asked Daddy if we could order both and he said no, so a decision must be made.) And you, my dear, must like the orange pineapple juice I just drank (or the idea of all this activity happening on your account) because I think you are doing somersaults!

You have been super active over the last few weeks. Constantly kicking or stretching or otherwise poking me and soliciting my undivided attention. We’ve started going to childbirth classes and I’m thinking it might be OK if you just stay in utero forever. How do you feel about that?? You’ve definitely made your presence known to the world as there is no more denying that I’m pregnant. Random people at WalMart have started asking me when I’m due and if you’re a boy or a girl. Luckily I haven’t had any strangers touch my belly. That’s only allowed for people I know well! 😉

Your arrival date keeps getting closer… we’re just about 2 months away. It’s crazy to think about how fast the last 7 months have gone. And the next 2 months are going to be super busy for us – we have three weddings to attend, a baby shower or two, lots of meetings for work, maybe a couple of Daddy’s football games, and probably a few more trips to Lowes. This week we are taking a road trip to Nashville for the first wedding. Hopefully you behave and like the car ride. Maybe some day we’ll take you back there to visit Kim and check out the town for yourself!

Well, little one. Mommy better get back to this bedding decision. Come on, help me out… fish or alphabet???

Love you!


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