Top 10 Things I Learned in Childbirth Class

  1. People who let themselves be taped for childbirth videos in the late 70’s early 80’s were funny looking
  2. Labor is gross
  3. I need to get over my desire for modesty
  4. Some people should not be reproducing
  5. Attempting breathing exercises in a room that’s full of strangers is a good way to give me a fit of the giggles.
  6. Labor is gross
  7. It’s bad to smoke during pregnancy (yes, someone in our class asked this question)
  8. If Craig spends the night at the hospital, he is going to be very uncomfortable in that little reclining chair.
  9. I plan to stay in the comfort of my own home (and more importantly the comfort of my own clothes) as long as possible when I go into labor.
  10. God does not answer prayers for the VCR to eat the childbirth video tape.

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