Hi Munchkin!

Daddy keeps harassing me to write you another letter. I think he thinks you feel neglected and we don’t want that, so here you go.

We’ve had quite a busy couple of weeks. We finished your nursery (I went with the fish, by the way), drove to Nashville for Kim’s wedding, went to a bridal shower, finished up our childbirth classes, had some maternity pictures taken, got some grass planted outside (that was all daddy and your Pappy Chuck – Mommy had nothing to do with that!) and now it’s the beginning of football season which will keep Daddy’s time pretty occupied until you arrive! Speaking of your arrival, that’s coming up fast little one. We’re only about six weeks away from getting to meet you. I can’t wait to look in your little eyes and hold you tight and then show you off to all of the people who come to visit. Are you ready for all of that attention?

Hard to believe we soon need to think about installing the car seat and making a list of things to take to the hospital. It seems like a week ago, I was waking Daddy up at 5:00 in the morning to see if he saw the second line on the pregnancy test. The past 30 weeks or so have gone so fast. I hope that’s not an indication of how fast you intend to grow up. There are so many things I want to do with you when you’re little. So many moments to treasure and so many memories to make with you. We don’t want to have you rushing through your childhood.

And while I have so many things in mind that I want to do with you. I want to take you to football games (if Daddy’s coaching them), I want to push you on the swing, take you for walks, take you to see the sheep at Grandma & Pap’s Farm, watch Daddy teach you how to ride a bike and see you play with kids and develop your own little personality. What I really want most for you is to know how loved you are, to always feel safe and protected and to understand how you’ve helped to create our family. I want you to grow up and know when to fight for what you believe in and when the fight’s not worth what you’d lose. I want you to know how to win with grace, and dignity and enjoy every second of it; and I want you to know how to lose and know the worlds not against you. I want you hold your family close to your heart and always know where home is, but I want you to make friends and build your own support systems too. I want you to have to struggle a little so you know how good it feels to succeed when you work really really hard for something. And when you’re out there doing your thing, I want you to know that your dad and I will be the crazy folks on the sidelines of your life cheering our heads off for you.

OK. Enough sentimental stuff… In other developments people have moved from asking me if I know whether you’re a boy or a girl to telling me that you must be a boy. Apparently I look exactly like the wives, daughters or friends of these random people who went on to deliver boys. Weirdos! 😉 Daddy still thinks you must be a girl. He’s so convinced! It’s cute. I’m not sure if you’re boy or girl, but I can’t wait to find out!

Gotta run little one. I’m hoping for some pool time this afternoon. I think you like the water! 😉

Love you bunches!

Oh, One more thing…. Grammy (as she told me she wants to be called!) told me yesterday that your aunt was also due on September 23rd like you are, but she decided to be SIX DAYS LATE and didn’t come until the 29th. Now, my sister is pretty cool and you can grow up to be pretty like her or smart like her, but if you take after her and wait a week to arrive, you will be grounded. Just lettin’ you know!


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