35 Week Letter

Hi little one!

First things first, congratulations on acing your first test today. Because of that irritating little irregularity you have going in your heartbeat the doctor sent Mommy for a non-stress test after our appointment today. Basically that’s just a nice 30-45 minute period where Mommy gets to lay down and focus on feeling you squirm, wiggle and kick. To pass the test, your heart rate must go up when you move. And you did just that! Way to go, Munchkin!

I have to tell you, I’m starting to get way more anxious for you to arrive. I just think that I’ll have a better idea of what you’re up to and will KNOW that you’re OK and healthy once I can see you and touch you and hold you. But, we need to hold our horses, it’s not quite time for you to come yet. You’re better off where you are for a few more weeks at least, but boy oh boy, I just can’t wait for you to grace us with our presence.

You have only one thing to do for the next five weeks and that is to keep your heart beating strong and within the normal ranges, OK. We can worry about teaching you multiplication tables or to throw a football or that country music really is good stuff after you’re born. For now, you just concentrate on having between 120 and 180 heartbeats per minute, OK my love?

5 weeks and counting…

I love you!


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