36 Week Letter

Hi baby!

You made a lot of people happy this week when the doctor couldn’t hear an irregularity in your heartbeat! Good work! We’re all very glad that you got that worked out before you were born and that it didn’t take any kind of medical intervening – you did it all by yourself! Daddy said to tell you that if you pull that kind of stunt again you’ll be grounded for five years – the years between ages 13 and 18! So, since those are vital years to your social life, let’s just keep the heart beating in perfect rhythm, OK?

You’re still moving around a good bit. In fact a few night ago, Daddy felt you rolling around in there and it sort of freaked him out! He’s used to just feeling your hiccups, kicks or thumps, so when you actually pushed up against his hand, he didn’t know what to do. I wish you could have seen the look on his face. The belly laughs from Mommy probably kept you up for a while after that. Sorry, but it was pretty funny.

We’re getting pretty close to you due date but we still have some things to do before you arrive. You need to work on developing your lungs a little bit and getting a little bigger. Mommy has some work stuff to take care of, some cleaning to do and a few things left to buy for you. But really, if you decided to come tomorrow, we’d make it work with what we already have. We had a couple of baby showers in the last couple of weeks and lots of really nice people got us lots of really cool stuff for you. You have a car seat to ride home in, a place to sleep once you get home, some outfits to wear, bottles to feed you and diapers to… well, we know what the diapers do.

We need to talk about your arrival little one. At our appointment this week, the doctor told Mommy that you may know where the door is, but you’re not even knocking on it. That’s OK for now, but you might want to start working on your exit plan. Your lease is just about up! I know it’s warm and comfy in there but we want to meet you and Mommy really wants to be able to see her toes again sometime this year, so start thinking about packing it up and moving out. OK?

We love you!

PS. If you could remove your foot from my rib cage for the duration of your stay, that would be greatly appreciated as well.


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