Week 38 Letter


There are many ways I would like for you to take after your father. I hope you get his smile and the mischievous look in his eyes when he has a surprise or is up to something, hopefully you’ll get his athleticism and his determination to succeed, and if you’re lucky enough to get his poise and calmness under pressure you’ll be just about set. But could you please, please try to leave his stubborn procrastination out? I’m sure you’ll hear this story 100 times before you turn five, but he made me wait a LONG time to get married. And while it was all worth waiting for, it was a little annoying too. So when the doctor tells me that things are not progressing for the birth of you at all yet, it makes me think that you’re going trying to imitate your dad and show me that we’ll do things on your time schedule.

I am super happy that your heart beat has seemed to have found a normal rhythm. I don’t think the doctor has heard any irregularities for a couple of weeks now, so that’s really good news. But it’s really time for you to start working on entering the world too. Otherwise the doctor is going to start throwing words at me like induction and schedule and I don’t want to do that. I want you to come when you’re ready, but darlin’ that’s gotta be soon.

It won’t be so bad here, I promise. We have a nice bedroom all ready for you, all sorts of gadgets and baby products, and a whole bunch of family and friends that want to meet you. I know you’ve gotten all cozy in there over the last 38 weeks and while some days I like keeping you all to myself and being the only one that knows when you’re asleep and when you’re wiggling around, I promise, life on the outside is much better. We’ve got play dates all lined up for you, holidays where you will get to be the center of attention and a week with your grandparents while Mommy & Daddy go to Mexico in May. Sound enticing???

We have a week and one day until our next doctor appointment, so let’s see if we can’t start causing some kind of progress so we can hold off the induction talk, OK?

Thanks, Munchkin. I love you!


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