Well there goes that plan…

So, I learned yesterday that the fastest way to get me to forget all of the questions I wanted to ask my doctor is to ask me if I wanted to schedule an induction for next Wednesday. NEXT Wednesday?!? I’ll only be 39 weeks on Wednesday are we really talking about this? I politely declined, listened to the heart beat, put my pants on and left the office. But before I left the doctor told me that we’d have to talk about it at next week’s appointment. I think by now everyone knows how I feel about being induced, but I’m starting to get the impression that it may come down to that. That nature is not interested in taking its course with me and that it might not happen on its own. So if it’s not going to happen without help from cervadil & pitocin is it better to schedule it for the week after next (which would be my due date) or the week after that?!?!

I think I’m about to take up jogging, eating spicy foods or any and all of the old wives tales that they say get labor started to see if we can get things going on our own here. Clearly this child is going to be just like his/her father and do things on his time frame, but it would be SO unlike me to not try to control it all!


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