40 weeks + 6 days

4o weeks and six days… that’s how pregnant I am. Remember that episode of Friends where Rachel is a week overdue and really cranky? I can now say that someone who went a week past her due date wrote that episode and every moment was completely true. I am anxious. I am cranky. I am frustrated. I feel like I failed. I am excited. I am nervous. I am scared.

I am not a patient person and waiting for this little one to arrive has been a form of strange and unusual punishment. Over the past week I’ve gotten texts from people who don’t text me, visits from people who don’t visit me, texts, calls or emails from people who only want to know about the baby or how I feel. My cervix, position of the baby and bodily functions are now appropriate topics of conversation. Somewhere I stopped being a friend and a coworker and became a broken record of “no, no baby yet” and “I feel fine”. Good thing that my career in PR has properly prepared me for being able to smile and give the company line when I really just want to be a smart ass.

Here’s hoping that this baby decides to start his or her decent into the birth canal before 7:30 tomorrow when we have to be at the hospital to be induced!


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