Week 1 Letter

Dear Baby Girl:

A week ago today I was still trying to coax you out of my belly by going for long walks, eating everything thought to induce labor and bribing you with expensive gifts. You, my dear, clearly thought that your 9/23 due date was just a suggestion and you weren’t much interested in coming on your own. So on 9/30 we checked into the hospital where the doctor hooked Mommy up to some medicine to force you out. I thought we would be there for quite a while, but I guess once you knew you had to come out – you decided just to get it over with and at 3:33 that afternoon you were born.

And since then you have completely changed our lives. You’ve completed our lives. Daddy and I often talk about how we didn’t know what we were missing until you made us a family. You are loved by so many people – you have grandparents that are completely hooked on you, aunts and uncles that think you’re the best thing ever, and lots of friends who are dying to meet you. We’ve been able to introduce you to many of them already, but there are still quite a few to come.

In the week that you’ve been here, Mommy has learned quite a bit about you.
– You like to suck on your hands. At least I think you’d like to if you could figure out how to get them in your mouth. Most of the time you just slap or scratch yourself in the face, but occasionally you get the hand in the mouth and then you really go to town.

– You’re going to be a good eater. At the hospital you scared us because you weren’t really interested in eating, but now that we’re home, you’re eating ALL. THE. TIME.

– You have your Daddy completely whipped. He hates it when you cry and would give you his heart if it would make you stop. When we go for doctor visits and they’re poking and prodding you and really making you mad, sometimes I think Daddy is just going to pick you up and tell them to stop.

– You’re a pretty good sleeper right now. Especially at night and early in the morning. Afternoons and evenings you get a little fussy, but for the past two nights, you’ve pretty much slept through the night.

– You are going to be a stylin‘ baby. So many people have given us great gifts for you. Once you’re big enough to wear them, I can’t wait to put you in the super cute pink outfits that we’ve gotten.

Munchkin, we are so happy that you’re here. We love you so much.


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