Movin’ On Up

Last night was our first attempt at trying to establish a “night time routine”.  Baby Girl got her bath at 8:00, was being fed at 8:30 and gently placed in her crib at 9:00 …  at 9:04 Craig looked at me with heartbreak in his eyes and said “Why do we have to move her to the crib again?”  

I explained that if we move her now she’ll never know any differently and it’ll be easier on her, but he didn’t seem to buy it. I also think that she’s getting too big for the bassinette.  When she stretches, she hits the side of it with her arm and wakes herself up.  And we make entirely too much noise and have too many lights on in the evenings for her to sleep soundly in the living room while we’re up or in our bedroom when we go to bed.  She was out until almost 5AM, so I have to think that she’s ready for the move, but is it too soon?


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