Let’s talk about stretch marks, shall we

Because on a quiet Friday night there’s nothing better, right?? 

Craig went to watch a football game and after a long week of being sick and going back to work, I spent most of this evening curled up on the couch watching Say Yes to the Dress with Baby Girl.  After her last bottle, I hit the bathtub where I finished the Happiest Baby on the Block.  (She’s a good baby, but I still believe in the 5 S’s.)  I wrapped up my “me” time by rubbing cocoa butter on my stretch marks. 

Yes, folks, my stretch marks.  The very marks I said in all of my weekly survey posts that I did not have.  By the end of the pregnancy I think I was even gloating about escaping my child’s incubation period without those bothersome marks.  Only to find out that I DID, in fact, have them.  They were just on the underneath side of my belly so I couldn’t see them.  Awesome. 

Now, here’s the thing.  In the last four or five weeks of my pregnancy I was accompanied to doctor’s appointments and non stress tests by my husband, my mother and my mother-in-law.  All who sat in the exam room with me during the heartbeat checks and had a view of that part of my belly.  All who read this blog and saw me declare my belly stretch mark free.  You would think that one of them might have handed me a mirror or sent me an anonymous note.  🙂


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