Talk to me about feedings, schedules & bedtime

I was never good at math and I still have trouble with my lefts and rights sometimes, but this has me really stumped.  I cannot figure out if I’m supposed to have Baby Girl on a feeding schedule by now and how to work that feeding schedule into bedtime. 

Background:  She generally eats 4 ounces every 3 hours.  However, some days she throws us for a loop and eats 6 ounces every for 4 hours, and then the next day we’re back to having to work with her to get her to take even 4 ounces.  At nighttime, I’ve tried the bath, bottle, book and bed series of events.  But if I wait to bath her until a half an hour before she should eat, she’s fussy because she’s hungry. But if I feed her before I bath her, she gets wide awake during the bath. 

So help me out and tell me…

  • How old were your kids when you got them on a schedule?
  • How does (did) your night time routine work? 
  • Do you stop feeding at a particular time to make sure that the baby is hungry for the last feeding of the night? 
  • Anything else I should know about feeding or putting my child to sleep – you know the basics of taking care of an infant! 

Or if I should just count my blessings that she usually only wakes up once during the night and keep doing what I’m doing – which is pretty much just letting her run things! 


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