2-Month Letter

Hi Pretty Girl!

Oh, my darlin’, where has the time gone?  You are two months old today and already you are changing so much.  You’ve gotten so much bigger – gone are the days that you fit snuggly on my chest or could lay in Daddy’s lap.  You’ve shed your newborn look, packed on inches and pounds and grew out of clothes that you didn’t even get a chance to wear. 

You’ve learned all kinds of new tricks.  You’re holding your head up, almost all the time.  You can successfully put your hand in your mouth – although you don’t know what to do with it once it’s there.  And, I think that you’re thinking about rolling over.  It’s so cute to watch you throw your legs over to your left side and then your eyes get all big and you look at me as if to say “Uh oh, Mommy.  Now what?”  So, I roll you the rest of the way and you’re not really sure if you like it on your tummy.  But when we roll you back and clap about what a big girl you are, you grin and make noises. 

In the past month, Mommy had to go back to work and while I hate leaving you in the morning, the best feeling in the world has been coming home to see you.  I love it when I can come home at lunch time and give you a bottle or snuggle on the couch with you. 

Speaking of snuggling.  That has to be the absolute best part about being your Mommy.  I love to cuddle up with you in our bed on weekend mornings or on the couch in the afternoons.  You get all comfy and cozy and drift off and then I usually fall asleep soon after you.  Nine times out of ten, you don’t wake up until I wake you.  I’m probably spoiling you, but too bad.  This is one of those things that in a few more months you’ll want nothing to do with, so I’m soaking them in while I can. 

Some days my heart swells with pride over the things you do and the way you’re growing and others it breaks a little because you’re changing so fast.  Your daddy and I love you so much, sweetheart.  You’re the best thing that ever happened us. 

Happy 2-Month Birthday!


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