Oh the Pain!

If given the option of choosing between holding down my baby and listening to her scream as she gets her vaccination shots or having my heart cut out with a butter knife (and no anesthesia) I choose the latter.  Thank you very much.

I thought I was prepared.  I mean, I’ve heard stories of mothers who cry when their child gets shots or mothers who had to leave the room or mothers who don’t go to those appointments at all anymore.  So I was mentally prepared to fight back tears at Baby Girl’s 2-month doctor appointment yesterday because (as my mom has always told me) when your child hurts, you hurt. However, I think I surprised all the adults in the room with how nicely the actual sobbing that originated in my throat harmonized with her screams of shock and pain.
Seriously next time just hand me the butter knife and I’ll do the dirty work. Evidence of the trauma…


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