Who took my happy, pleasant, smiling baby

and replaced her with a child that avoids day sleep like her momma avoids low-fat foods? 

Seriously.  I am over the moon grateful that Baby Girl now sleeps through the night pretty regularly but the child still needs to sleep during the day.  Because, you know, she’s a baby.  And she gets cranky when she doesn’t sleep.  (That’s about the only thing she got from me.  Well, that and her existance.)  Maybe I’m just noticing it because I’ve been off of work for almost a whole a week and have seen her sleep/wake habits first hand or maybe this is something new.  But we’ve spent days walking, bouncing, singing and ssshhhing her if I miss getting her down for a nap during that glorious starting to get sleepy, but not yet fussy stage.   Only to have her fall asleep, me lay her down and her wake up 15 minutes later. 

I know I need to get her in the habit of falling asleep on her own, and I swear I am thisfreakingclose to taking a week off of work to do the heaving lifiting of putting my kid on a schedule.  But when it’s the holidays, we’re traveling and life is pretty much chaos, I will settle for just having her take a nap that lasts longer than a DVR’d sit com.   


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