Saying Goodbye to 2009

While I sit at the computer thinking about the gazilion things I have to do today and waiting for my baby girl to wake up, I find myself thinking about the past year.  Oh, who are we kidding?  Every blogger that I read is doing this so I want to play too. 

In the last year, I:

  1. Got knocked up.
  2. Wrecked into a bus full of innocent school children.
  3. Gained 30 pounds and lost 35 (the joy in losing an extra five pounds is dimmed by the fact that said weight has been randomly redistributed across my body in ways that means getting into a bikini for Mexico is no longer a given.)
  4. Went through a reorg at work which included a new title and a mile-long to-do list. 
  5. Paid off my credit card!
  6. Quit my waitressing gig and dropped my monthly income by a few hundred dollars a month. 
  7. Said goodbye to my grandfather and decided that the “he’s in a better place” line is bullshit.  He loved this place. 
  8. Moved into our house, finished the landscaping, put in a pool, patio & driveway (well, watched Craig do it, see #1, I was creating a life) and learned that a) concrete is effing expensive and b) the bank is way too willing to give us money.
  9. Celebrated our one-year anniversary with Craig. 
  10. Drove 12 hours to Nashville, 7.5 months pregnant to see Kim get married.
  11. Created such a nice place for my unborn child that she decided to hang out for an extra week.
  12. Gave birth and met the most precious baby girl. 
  13. Learned that epidurals are your friends.
  14. Speaking of friends, learned that different friends have different places in my life and that’s OK. 
  15. Watched my husband fall in love with his daughter. 
  16. Watched my parents and his become grandparents. 
  17. Learned that being a mom is the hardest. job. ever.  And am still struggling with how to juggle the working and mom part.  

Overall, this was a good year.  A very good year.  I learned a lot, grew a lot and made a lot of memories with the people who I love.  I wish that Pap were here for all those good parts and to meet Baby Girl but I think we all channel him at different points.  Like the way Grandma says “sweetheart” or the way my mom says to give her “a squeeze”.  Fleeting comments and moments that go as quickly as they came but are a gentle reminder that makes me grin. 


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