From two pink lines to a house full of pink

A year ago today, I crashed onto the bed at 5AM and told my husband that we were having a baby.  I still remember the moment of seeing the second line show up on the $14 pee stick and the overwhelming feeling that everything was about to change.  My knees shook, my heart raced and my eyes filled up with tears. 

I felt (and still feel) like I had waited my whole life for that moment.  A year later it’s hard to imagine what this house would look like without the pink bibs, princess sleepers and “daddy loves me” onsies strewn all over the place.  (I guess I could find out if I chose to, you know, CLEAN, once in a while.)  I can’t picture my life without my little girl in it. Smiling up at me when I lift her out of her crib in the morning, giggling when I kiss her belly and spinning her head around at the sing of her father’s voice. 

I was right.  Those two pink lines were about to change everything.


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