Buzzers, Cheerleaders & Bouncing Balls, Oh My!

Being married to a high school coach and athletic director, much of my adult life has been spent going to high school sporting events.  Seriously, I didn’t attend as many high school sporting events when I was IN high school as I did when the two of us started dating.  Now that I’ve birthed a child, I have a good excuse not to go.  This fall I traded in cold wet football games for the warmth of my house and a cuddly (and sometimes screaming) newborn and now I catch up on DVR instead of going to long, sometimes boring basketball games.  However, I sort of miss the socialization.  Because, let’s not lie.  I have a three-month old and unless it’s going to earn a paycheck, I don’t get out of the house very often. 

So, I decided it was time to give our munchkin a preview of what the rest of her life will be like and took her to a girls basketball game tonight.  We lasted 4:42 seconds …into the FIRST quarter before her father sent us home because she held her ears when the buzzer went off.  She’s such a sheltered child, most days the loudest noise she hears is someone sneezing – and that’s been known to send her into a crying fit.  Guess we’ll try again some other time. 

On another note, I paid a little more attention to teenage girls at this game.  And, Oh.My.God.  I do not want my baby girl to grow up to be a teenager.


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