She Rolls! She Rolls!

(Is that title causing anyone else to have flashbacks to Ricky Martin circa 1998 with the ever catchy “She Bangs”?  Oh, maybe it’s just me.) 

After weeks of being so close she could taste it, my child has learned to roll from her back to her belly.  As much as this kid HATES tummy time, I was beginning to think it would never happen.  But alas, she flipped her little self over last night.  And in honor of the accomplishment, we broke out the “This is how I roll” t-shirt that her aunt bought her 2 months ago and I’ve been saving for the occasion. 

See how proud she is of herself?  (and don’t you just want to KISS those CHEEKS?  SQUEE!)

PS.  Sadly, her moment was not actually witnessed by anyone because Daddy was at work and Mommy was in the kitchen eating an Oreo.  ::Sigh!::  And, it should be noted that she hasn’t done it again, so I suppose some child development fairy could have waltzed into my house and flipped her over to make me think that she did it herself.


3 Responses

  1. Wow, she is beautiful! Stopping by from Connect MEme Monday! Love to have you over for a visit:

  2. I just started reading your blog and I would like to say that yes, I did sadly think of Ricky Martin when I read that. And yay for rolling over!

  3. Love that shirt! lol

    And thanks for the great comments on my blog…I mentioned in response to your question, if in doubt – don’t publish. Words to live by when blogging.

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