Grandma is hired… or not

As the first grandchild, I had a great relationship with all of my grandparents.  I was lucky enough to know almost all of my great grandparents and have really close relationships with my grandparents.  I remember baking cookies with one of my grandmothers, my pap “letting me drive” when I was four and going to farm shows and fairs with my dad’s parents.  Because of those memories, one of my greatest hopes for C is that she, too, will be close with her grandparents. 

When it comes to Craig’s parents, the child really has no choice.  We live next door.  And my mother-in-law babysits.  (Insert raised eyebrows here.)  C loves her Nauni and Pap Pap.  Her eyes light up every morning at 7:45 when Craig’s mother walks in the door and she’s so happy to play with his dad’s watch or pull his hair.  But, my parents live about an hour away and (especially during the winter when it doesn’t.stop.snowing.ever) it’s hard for me to make sure that my daughter gets to see them as often as any of us would like. 

So, I held my breath a little when we decided that Monday would be a good day for my parents to give my mother-in-law a break from babysitting and celebrate their President’s Day holiday with C.  I was worried that she would fuss when I handed her over to my mom or be a little bit scared of my dad (and his beard.)  When they got there in the morning, she took to them immediately.  Instantly cuddled up on my mom’s chest and willingly accepted all of her snuggles and cuddles and then batted at my dad’s beard and tried to eat his hat (Dear Dad, just because she liked your camouflage hat does not mean you can buy her a baby camo outfit.) 

I left with that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that both my baby and my parents would be having a good day.  A few hours later, I got a text from my mom that said C had napped for 2 hours and 20 minutes.  TWO HOURS & TWENTY MINUTES!  This child does not nap, and she slept for 2 hours and 20 minutes.  I was elated. Blissful even. 

Then I went home and learned that while Grammy & PapPap were babysitting my baby girl picked up some new tricks.  Blowing raspberries was one of them.  I lean in to give her kisses or a hug and she pushes me away and says PPPHHHGGGTTT.  Repeatedly.  Cute, right?  Then I discovered she learned how to squeal.  She bats at her toys and lets out a high-pitched noise that caused my in-laws dog to run around in circles.  We laugh, because OH MY GOD.  NEW TRICKS!!!  How fun??!  So she squeals some more.  The squeals get louder and each time we laugh she lets another one loose.  She is so proud of her ability to take two stuffy old grown ups and turn them into giggling freaks of nature, that she squeals and screams again. And again. 

20 minutes later I sent Craig for beer and called my mom to discuss the new tricks they taught my kid.  Something tells me they will be the ones buying her a drum set for Christmas as well.


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  2. I was also really close to my grandparents growing up. While I saw my mom’s parents almost every day and only saw my dad’s parents once a month or so, I consider myself equally close to both of them. While my maternal grandparents (grandma especially) may have had more of a hand in raising me than my paternal grandparents, I have equally fond memories of each. Plus, there was a vast age difference between my two sets of grandparents (my mom was the youngest of 6, my dad the oldest of 7 so there was about a 20 year age difference between the two sets) so my maternal grandparents died when I was in high school but I anticipate many more fun years with my paternal grandparents. I may have spent more time as a child with one grandma and grandpa, but I’ve had a lot more time as an adult with the other set.

    Honestly, when it comes to grandparents, I think it’s the quality of time with them, not the quantity.

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