Snow is gone, the sun is out & all is well with the world

Winters in my neck of the woods are Brutal.  Yes, that’s Brutal with a capital B. It’s cold, I mean frigid.  And it snows.  A lot.  I live on the tippy top of a mountain in a really small town and the winters around here make me all itchy because there are weeks that I can’t get out of this town due to treacherous travel conditions. 

So, every year in February and early March I start to get a really bad case of cabin fever.  Most years I can contain it with a quick shopping trip or lunch with a friend on a day that it stops snowing long enough for the plows to clear the roads and the ice to melt.  This year was different. This year, the weather was especially bad and usually on weekends. And, I had a baby.  So, leaving the house and the town was even more difficult leading to a “woe is me, I can’t do anything” attitude that would have given my 15-year old self a run for her money. 

And then, about 3 weeks ago, something wonderful happened.  It stopped snowing.  The sun came out.  The snow melted.  And I got out of the house.  I met a good friend for drinks (twice!) in the last month.  She has a little boy two months older than C so over a couple glasses of wine and fried calamari or bruschetta appetizers we compare notes about being new mothers, what our husbands are up to and how our professional lives are handling the impact of motherhood.  We laugh and we vent.  We look at pictures of the other’s baby and ooh and ahh over their smiles, their eyes and their chubby cheeks. 

On these nights, I get to put on cute clothes and touch up my make up.  I get to come home past my bedtime.  I get to spend a few hours just being… me. 

In addition to my wine with friends nights, I also had a date night with my husband and wonderful walks with my husband and my daughter.  We may not be out of the woods yet.  We’ve had snow fall well into April, but these few weeks of spring weather have made all the difference in the world. 

I’m writing this post as part of Theta Mom’s Time Out Thursdays.  Visit her site to grab the button, write about your own hour or more spent on your own this month and link up!  If you’re visiting from Theta Mom, “Hi!”  I will be making my rounds late Thursday evening and throughout the weekend.


6 Responses

  1. I too can relate to the rough winter and am sooooo glad it’s finally warming up here as well. Now … I just wish I would have asked my husband to pick up some wine on his way home.

  2. It was a tough winter. I’m sooo glad spring is finally here. Glad you enjoyed spending some time with your friends and with your hubby. Happy Thursday!

  3. It really was a wonderful feeling to get outside after such a brutal winter. Sounds like to enjoyed time with a special girlfriend and your husband. So nice. I think I’ll plan drinks with a girlfriend for next month’s Time Out…you’ve inspired me!!

  4. This winter was horrible! I had such cabin fever and the kids get so ramy! Thankfully the sun is shining now and its great to get outdoors and let the kids run around. They tucker out pretty easily 🙂

  5. Right there with ya sister! I live in Germany and I had a baby in September — so INDOORS it is!!! 🙂 And with two other young children (4yo and 2yo) it is always like packing my backpack for Mt Everest to go anywhere!! Great job finding a like minded friend to get out for some time for you! 🙂 And a date with hubby… those are always wonderful too!

  6. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the hard winter. We had it, too and cabin fever was all around here as well! So glad to hear you got out a bit and some wine with the hubs – perfect!

    Thanks so much for joining us and linking up!

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