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    Welcome to the place where I share all of my Mommy Fails with the strangers on the internet! From using the wrong size diapers to wiping my daughter's mouth with my sleeve (IN PUBLIC), I consistently solicit side eyed looks from my husband, my mother and random people in WalMart. I suppose that I will have to save my hope of winning Mommy of the Year for next year.
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I’m moving….

I know I just got here, but I’m moving again…  to a hosted domain so that I can jazz this place up a bit.  (I get bored easily, remember?)

The change won’t be huge for you, all you need to do is update your bookmarked address to www.notmommyoftheyear.com  (I’m dropping the wordpress part) so that you can come back and find updated pictures of my kid, gushings about how she is THISCLOSE to sitting all by herself and rants about how she won’t nap.  Easy enough, right?!?

2 Responses

  1. Can’t wait to see your new digs! Are you moving to wordpress.org? You will love it!

  2. hey Krista, a few suggestions.

    1) You need to redirect your old website to your new one
    2) you need to update your comment posting address to drop the wordpress extension as well. when i click on your name I’m brought to the old “dot.wordpress” website and not the new one.

    let me know if I can help!

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