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    Welcome to the place where I share all of my Mommy Fails with the strangers on the internet! From using the wrong size diapers to wiping my daughter's mouth with my sleeve (IN PUBLIC), I consistently solicit side eyed looks from my husband, my mother and random people in WalMart. I suppose that I will have to save my hope of winning Mommy of the Year for next year.
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Baby of the Year

This child isn’t just beautiful, she is an all-star.  She smiles on demand, eats like a champ and has made fascinating discoveries of things like TOES! and MOMMY’S EARRINGS! and oh boy, DADDY’S LIPS.


 And because I’m not above attention-whoring my child, this is the page where can find my most recent favorite pictures of her.

Happy as can be in her daddy’s arms.

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  1. OMG. She’s adorable!!

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